Agile Development Workshop

  • Presenters: Kathleen Cornelis & Jan Van Reusel
  • Type: Workshop
  • Duration: 120
  • Audience:
    • All: Apprentice, journeyman, master
    • Some Java development experience is recommended.
    • A maximum of 8 participants (4 pairs).

Get some hands-on 'agile development' experience


  • A short overview of the practices of agile development that will be exercised during the workshop: scrum, pair programming, stories, test driven development, refactoring, retrospectives
  • A real development exercise based on these practices. During this exercise, the full development cycle will be covered: participants will write test and production code for small chuncks of functionality described in stories that will be prepared by us. They will build their code, run the tests and integrate test and production code into a common code base.
Benefits of participating

Experience and understand the agile development practices and learn about its advantages and its challenges.

What will the organisers learn

How easy or difficult it is for outstanders to jump into this way of working

Session Outline

  • Introduction to agile development practices - 20 minutes
  • Exercise:
    • scrum 15 minutes
    • first session of pair programming - 30 minutes
    • burndown, switch pairs - 10 minutes
    • second session of pair programming - 30 minutes
    • retrospective - 15 minutes.
Programming will be in Java using Eclipse. Therefore, some Java experience is recommended.


Ardatis organized this workshop once before to introduce potential job applicants to our way of working. See the Ardatis Software Factory