Building up an agile test strategy

  • Presenters: Anko Tijman
  • Type: Interactive presentation with tendencies of a workshop
  • Duration: 90
  • Audience: Any ‘agilist’ interested in improving testing

  • Explaining what different levels of testing are most likely to be part of agile projects
  • Explaining and discussing what steps should be taken to extend your testing
  • Discussing the issues and pitfalls involved in setting up such a strategy

  1. What is agile testing and what test levels can be identified:
    1. Unit test
    2. Integration Test
    3. Functional Test
    4. Acceptance Test
    5. Chain test
    6. Performance test
  2. Given the nature and current practice of agile projects, what are logical steps to take to effectively invest more in setting up a test strategy. This will be dicussed interactively:
    1. unit test / unit test framework, mainly by developers
    2. Acceptance test / acceptance test framework (automated), by the whole team
    3. Introducing specialized testers, for Integration test, Functional test and Acceptance test
    4. Fully integrated automated framework for all test levels, even op to Chain Test level
  3. Pitfalls and issues: what most likely will be the hardest things to accomplish, as well technically as well organizationally spoken. This will be more like OpenSpace:
    1. Technical issues
    2. Testing issues
    3. People issues
Benefits of participating

  • Learn about testing
  • Learn about and effective test strategy in an agile project
  • Hearing stories from other companies about agile testing
What will the organisers learn

  • Validation ideas on this topic
  • Hearing and understanding stories from other companies
Session Outline

  • 0 – 10: introduction of all attendees and organizer
  • 10 – 30: Levels in Agile testing
  • 30 – 60: Building logical steps
  • 60 – 80: Pitfalls and issues
  • 80 – 90: Questions & Retrospective