Getting Things Done: Agility For Your Life


Learn a pragmatic approach to organize things in life and work.



The Times They Are A-Changin'. The strict boundary between work and personal life is fading away. Many people experience information overload. There's too much to do. If. We. Only. Had. More. Time.

Our brains aren't the best tools to keep track of all the things we need to remember and organize. They gladly remind us of the most boring things to do - at a useless time, again and again. Yet our brains forget that one important thing we promised.

Imagine a mental toolkit that addresses these problems. That's what this session is about, based on David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" (GTD).

Bonus section: learn how GTD can improve working on software development, eg XP.

Benefits of participating

Learn a way to organize life and work that is applicable beyond software development.

Benefits include:

  • Avoid wasting time by doing less than two minute actions immediately.
  • Know where you go by defining desired results.
  • Make tasks executable by specifying next actions.
Session Outline

  • Introduction to the Getting Things Done system, part 1 (20 min.)
  • An exercise for the participants (20 min.)
  • Introduction to the Getting Things Done system, part 2 (20 min.)
  • Getting Things Done from an Extreme Programming perspective (20 min.)
  • Discussion (10 min.)