Test-driven development on a large scale project.

  • Presenters: Jan Van Reusel
  • Type: Presentation
  • Duration: 60
  • Audience: Journeyman & master (it's not an introduction to TDD)

Share lessons learned when applying test-driven development on large scale J2EE projects.


Test-driven development is an engineering practice for designing, documenting and testing your code. It is quite easy to get started, but it is challenging to find an efficient approach on large scale projects. The presentation is based on experience from several projects but will focus on lessons learned in the Ventouris project. The Ventouris project is large in development effort (20 000 mandays), team size (50 team members) and technological diversity. The most difficult challenges we expected were to devise strategies for testing different types of technology and convincing management. However, the real challenges appeared to be long build cycles, unmaintainable test suites and keeping the team directed.

Benefits of participating

Learn from the experience with test-driven development on a large scale J2EE project.

What will the organisers learn

Get feedback on our approach. Get in contact with other people who apply TDD and learn from their experience.

Session Outline

  • Test-driven development on the Ventouris project
    • Application architecture
    • Team organisation
    • Integration and build strategy
  • What did we do well
    • Testing strategies
    • Convince management
  • What did we learn (and have we done differently)
    • Long build
    • Unmaintainable test suites
    • Wild growing strategies
  • What still puzzles us
    • ?