The 3 XP Loops


Introductory overview of Extreme Programming, as described by Kent Beck in the first edition of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change. Although the practices have been superceded in the second version of the book, we think it is still a valuable and simple way to introduce people into another way of thinking.


An XP team behaves in an iterative and incremental way. We describe this behaviour in 3 endless loops that the team goes through.

The outer loop is the release loop, which interacts with the outer world, and which will let a predefined amount of requirements come in and working quality software pop out of the team regularly.

The middle loop is the team loop, which handles day to day team activities.

The inner loop is the coding loop, where two programmers, sitting side by side, produce a unit of tested code.

Extreme Programming is a methodology that is very simply to explain. Through the focus on the details, a bigger picture will emerge, where you will be able to see the principles and the values. Each of the practices of Extreme Programming will be discussed briefly. Long enough to give you a good global overview, but only just long enough to leave you with a lot of questions.


Benefits of participating

You will have a global picture of a simple agile methodology. If you are new to the agile paradigm, this will rock your brain. You will be able to see your own process from a different perspective. You will leave this session with a lot of questions. You will leave this session with a concrete idea about how to get most of the rest of the conference.

Session Outline

  • intro: pretend you believe us (5min)
  • outer loop: release loop (15 min)
  • middle loop: team loop (15 min)
  • inner loop: coding loop (15 min)
  • the end? (10 min)

Version 1.0 of this session has been done by the presenters many many times at different courses and events.