Agile development applied on the biggest J2EE project in the Benelux: the Ventouris Story

  • Presenters: Johan Lybaert
  • Type: Presentation
  • Duration: 90
  • Audience: Project managers, developers, analysts,... everybody who is wondering "can this really work?"

To illustrate how Ardatis applies the agile development methodology on a large project (100 manyear) and what the pratical consequences are for the different agile & scrum practices


  • Introduction of the Ventouris Context
  • Why should companies choose for the agile development approach
  • Why did we choose for the agile development approach
  • Large Program - does it makes a difference ?
  • How was it introduced ?
  • What are the most significant success factors for agile development on large projects ?
  • Focus on practices that are different on large projects & the lessons learned:

Benefits of participating

convincing the ICT world that applying agile development is a more mature way of working