From zero to Agile with Scrum and XP at Credoc Services (Royal Belgian Notary Federation)

Organizer: Xavier Quesada Allue

A case study of the RBRNot2 project that built the central database of Belgian Notaries using Scrum and XP, delivering on time and under budget in September 2007 and opening the way for the adoption of Agile methodologies within the organization.

- How we introduced Agile practices in the organization. - Aligning Scrum+XP with PRINCE2.
- Setting up an Agile process from scratch, step by step. A real-world, best practices checklist. - Building a model Scrum wall (see picture).
- Our experience with the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner
- Restrospectives and optimizing the Agile process.
- Lessons learned and the future for Agile in the KFBN.

Process & Timetable:
Presentation: 50 minutes
Questions and Answers: 10 minutes.

Session Format:
Intended Audience: Developers, Analysts and Project Managers seeking to introduce Agile practices within their organizations.
Benefits of participating:
Participants will get some good concrete ideas on how to get started with the introduction of Agile best practices within their projects.
Benefits of organizing:
I am interested in sharing my experience, getting to know people and the Belgian Agile movement, and most of all in promoting Agile in government.


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