XP Days Benelux

XP Day Benelux is an international conference about agile software development, intended for software development and business people from all walks of life. It provides a good opportunity for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences and is suited for both experienced participants and beginners in agile software development. The focus of this conference is on practical knowledge, real-world experience, and active participation of everyone.

XP Days Benelux 2009

November 23-24th 2009 in Mechelen, Belgium

  • Your feedback is published on the Retrospective page
  • Session feedback is being added to the Program page
  • Contact us at info if you've blogged about the conference or published pictures, so that we can put a link on the Reports page

Mini XP Day 2009

Mini XP Day 2009 brought back NINE of the most liked sessions of 2008.

Participant Feedback, pictures, blog entries are available!. Session materials are available on the Program page.

These events are organized by AgileSystems vzw with Agile Holland and the Belgian XP users group



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