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OutSystemsí award winning Agile Platform is the first unified solution based on Agile methodologies to address the full life cycle of delivering and managing web business applications. Companies use the Agile Platform to integrate, assemble, deploy and manage applications on-time and on-budgetódelivering business value within weeks versus months or years. Check our free Community Edition at www.outsystems.com/download.


With more than 5000 members located around the globe, the Agile Alliance is driven by the values and principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We recommend agile approaches to software development because they deliver value to organizations and end users faster and with higher quality.


INXIN: Infrastructure for the Independent.

We provide management, development, sourcing and hosting of ICT projects. We are specialized in Agile Fixed Price projects, using our Dimensional Planning technique. INXIN works exclusively with independent workers, for whom we provide the necessary infrastructure. For the customer, this infrastructure is a guarantee for quality and continuity.


The Agile Consortium Benelux consists of leading companies that endorse the agile way of working. This Consortium, founded twelve years ago as DSDM Consortium Benelux, recently changed its focus into agile in general. Thereby we extend the power of DSDM/Atern with other agile principles, practices and philosophies. We offer individuals and organizations a platform for sharing knowledge and experience.


We help our customers to deliver more valuable software! To make your software effectively support you and your business we focus on:

  • a strong relationship with business and users
  • a common understanding of the business goals and processes and how the software can optimally support and amplify these
  • frequent deliveries of working increments of software

To make you succeed in working this way and in delivering software that really adds value, we offer you Agile coaching and training services, and we build and completely deliver end-to-end the software you and your business needs.