Presenter: Ralph van Roosmalen

Objective(s) of the session:

You are team leader of a development team and the organisation is moving to an agile approach. You visited some congresses and studied some agile methodologies. You had several sessions with your development team and started a few weeks ago. For some reason the communication in the team is not going well and there are some rules of Murphy, quotes of famous people and sarcastic comics on the wall. What can you do? My objective is to give you some hints and tips to let the team progress in their agile development.

I would like to give information about how to improve an office set up for an agile environment, give some examples what those subtly signs could mean, discuss and exchange experiences about agile environments. Give you, with the other attendees, information about the items you really need in an agile office.


“Welcome at the Planon office tour. I will be your guide today and together with me you will explore our development department. I will show you all the secrets and fun stuff of our development department. Please be seated during the tour and keep your hands inside. You are allowed to take pictures.”

I would like you to show a regular day in our Development department. Goal is to share our experience with an agile office with you. We always like to improve ourselves. By doing a tour we can discuss our office setup, exchange ideas about the ideal agile office setup and discuss the problems of an agile office. During the tour I will show also pictures of other (agile) offices.

Besides the office setup there are also a lot of other signs that a scrum master or agile coach should pick up. Signs that tell something about the team morale or agile awareness of a department. I would like to find out with you what the signs are in our department.

Format and length: 40 minutes presentation/central discussion and approx. 15 minutes workshop