Presenters: Pascal Mestdach & Michel Grootjans

Objective(s) of the session:

In 2 iterations participants will specify real world examples on a given user stories. After the specification workshops they pair up with the presenters, to implement their acceptance tests. They will have hands on experience in specifying acceptance tests and writing ‘glue’ code (.Net) with the most used Fit fixture types. Not in a simple hello world or calculator example, but in a more real life application.


An introduction to the concept of Agile Acceptance testing. In 2 small iterations acceptance tests for a Snack-ordering application will be delivered. Each iteration starts with a Specification Workshop where participants (in groups of 3) will think about how to specify acceptance criteria for given user story. After the Specification Workshop the participants come forward to pair with the presenters to implement their acceptance criteria. Participants who are not pairing with us, can watch the 2 projection screens. The left screen is for the .Net developer, writing the gluecode. The right screen is for the tester/functional analist, writing the FitNesse tests. By implementing the acceptance tests, the 4 basic fixtures get illustrated. We also integrate Fitnesse in an automated build and cover a possible way to structure tests in Fitnesse.

Format and length. An interactive mostly technical workshop.

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes, max 30 participants.

Intended audience and prerequisites:
  • Product owners, Agile Coaches,…  will see a way how the communication gap between customers and developers can be narrowed down.
  • Java developers, testers will have hands-on experience in writing executable specifications in Fitnesse
  • .Net developers will also have a first experience in writing the Fit glue code

We expect that the audience knows why acceptance tests are important.