Presenters: Emmanuel Gaillot & Willem van den Ende

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Learn when politics happen
  • Get a better grasp at why politics happen the way they happen
  • Experience your own behaviour and that of others - it is the situation that is politically charged more than you
  • Try out various political strategies and safely observe their possible outcomes
  • Have fun!


If you believe corporate politics is something for 'those dirty managers' think again. Everybody behaves in a political way when a limited amount of resources has to be divided over groups of people. Come play our game and experience firsthand how dirty a politician you are!

We will play politics - in a game you will represent a political faction that tries to get an organisation to spend money the way you prefer. Convince others to vote for you so you can carry out your program, or choose another party to do what you want for you... After playing the game we will debrief our experiences and draw parallels with everyday work. It may be that you are already aware of the politics around you. In that case the game can help you understand more about your behaviour. It may be that you believe your work has nothing to do with politics. Think again... it may be that you are a "spoiltician" ;) - someone who has 'delegated' that 'dirty' politics to others (e.g. your boss ;) . This game will show you how political many common project decisions are. Whether you care about corporate politics or not, they have an impact on your worklife. Regardless your status, be it an opinion leader, a reckless reformer or "just a programmer" in the silent crowd, this workshop is for you!

Format and length: 120 mins Simulation / Game

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anyone interested in politics at work, willing to experiment or observe simulations. Note that the session scales well up to at least 40 participants.