Presenter: Peter Janssens

Objective(s) of the session:

As a participant, you will

  • get a short but interesting view of the product backlog management flow
  • share experiences with and learn about best practices as product owners.

Experiment: let’s not make it another “free” session:

  • you will go home with tangible outcome
  • if you agree there is follow-up on what you really applied after this session.
  • at the end of the session you will receive feedback what previous session participants learned and applied in reality


Managing a product backlog is simple: list your stories, prioritize, estimate and have stories pulled by your development cycle. That’s easy in theory. Daily reality reveals lots of challenges however. Participate at this session if you want to learn more about

  • Agile striptease (=a way to split end-to-end user stories into different dimensions)
  • Kanban board product backlog management
  • Visual project representation & prioritization
  • Fail fast & transparent stakeholders communication
  • Using examples – requirements – acceptance cases as a single thread
  • Many more… [suggest your extra best practices to discuss]

As a participant, you get an interesting product backlog management flow overview as warming up, and you have a vote which best practices will be discussed, or you can suggest others.

Format and length: 90 min presentation + iterative group workshops

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Product owners, product & program managers, testers, project managers, people interested in the organizational aspects of software development/Scrum/Kanban/… At least 1 practical experience with backlog management is required to level public expertise on this domain.