Working constructively with resistance through the Path of Harmonizing Spirits - Ai Ki Do

Trying to improve means change. Against change there's almost always resistance. Often a lot of energy is invested in fighting this resistance.

What if there was a way to use that energy rather than fight it ?

That's the core wisdom of Aikido.

Come and experience this in the XP Days Aikido dojo. You will first perform stretching and relaxation exercises to prepare body and mind for the exercises. Any of these will help you when you need to prepare for 'that difficult meeting'. Then you will work in pairs, giving and receiving resistance, under the personalized guidance of two teachers (5th and 1st dan). The Session will end with a ZaZen introduction.

Learn how you can deal with resistance more efficiently, using less force and tension. The mental process required for this will train your mind to deal with non-fysical conflicts as well. That's why we want to give you a taste of what continued aikido training can do for you. At the end of this session you'll have experienced another way to deal with resistance. Plus you'll be fully energized to complete the day with ease.


  • 15 mins - Walk to the Dojo
  • 30 mins - AikiTaiso - Stretching and breathing exercises to create the correct condition
  • 60 mins - Aikido - Guided exercises
  • 15 mins - ZaZen - Cool down
  • 15 mins - Walk back to the conference

Please note:

The exercises are accessible to anyone, you don't need any martial arts experience.

As the session involves using your body it is recommended to wear loosely fitting clothes and preferably trousers (There will be a dressing room if you would like to change clothes). The exercises won't include complex aikido techniques (although the demo can include some). They will be about gently receiving physical force while coordinating your body and freeing your mind to keep your balance and redirecting the given energy to work for you rather than against you