Presenter: Ben Hoskins

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Evolutionary design
    • responding to change as opposed to following a plan
  • Acceptance Testing
  • MMFS

The Sell

Want to understand the fundamentals of evolutionary development, but aren't a Developer? Have you often wondered, how DO my build options relate to the project goals? If so, this session is for you. This session teaches Evolutionary development in a fun way, and you learn a fair bit about evolving complexity and Acceptance Testing along the way

Learning Summary

The use of bags with scenarios / high level goals is to re-inforce the fact that things constantly change, and evolutionary development is a way to help succeed in that environment.
The tests still need to pass, even when evolving
Goals are essential to orientate feature development


The Initial Scene:

It is just after the dawn of life on Earth: a few chemicals thought they'd club together and form life.

You and I are all aliens from another planet, seeking new ventures. Our last venture was so long in planning the planet blew up before we produced anything, which is why we're going to try something different this time.

You all are geneticists, and I am your customer, and require you to deliver me <choose from the high levels goal bag>

Format and length: 60 minutes game/workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Some groups of 3 people, up to 21. People who want to understand evolutionary development, but don't necessarily have the technical expertise