Presenter: Machiel Groeneveld

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Scrum sometimes need to be tuned to increase performance, my story is an example
  • Example of kanban-inspired task board: more visual workflow helps see the problem and make the stand-up more effective.
  • The positive effects of removing the time-boxed iterations: planning is easier, retrospectives are on-demand, priorities can change at the last moment.
  • How to overcome the negatives of removing iterations: introduce milestones or themes
  • A personal message: I once was a Scrum zealot, but I needed to change my dogma to improve the teams performance.


I've been on a project for approximately 10 months as lead developer. When I started at this assignment the team was under high pressure and there was a chaos, little collaboration and loads of work in progress. There was a lot of dysfunctional behavior and the deadline was surely unattainable. During the course of a few months the team and I changed the process to a WIP-limited flow, made it more clear what the product owner needed to do, made planning velocity based and put testing on-track. The presentation will present the timeline and I'll explain the things that we used (kanban board, testing methods) and the result (increased teamwork and speed)

Format and length: 40-60 mins presentation with 20 mins for questions in between.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

People with some Agile experience. Most value will come when you know what an Agile introduction feels like and you can identify with the symptoms of a struggling (Agile) team.