Presenter: Victor Vloemans

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Help your multiple customers to quickly agree on priorities
  • Help your team that has multiple customers to be flexible in dividing their time
  • Get some re-use out of your Planning Poker expertise


If you are working on a project and you do not have a single customer proxy who assigns priorities, but you have multiple customers battling over whose stories are the most important and they do this in your iteration planning meeting, this session can help!  
If you are on a team that works on multiple projects by dividing your time and you find yourself assigning fixed time slots to customers, e.g. this week for customer A and next week for customer B, and this leads to problems with customers deadlines, this session can help!.

In this session you will learn about Priority Poker, an efficient method of getting multiple customers to agree on priorities for user stories.

After a small presentation walking you through the steps of playing priority poker, you will participate in a few practical rounds with your fellow participants to experience priority poker firsthand. After the workshop part there will be a quick sharing of thoughts and insights.

Format and length: 90 mins interactive tutorial.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

If you have recognized yourself in the scenarios described above, you are the perfect target audience. Some agile experience with userstories, iteration planning, backlogs and Planning Poker will help, but is not required.