Presenter: Nicole Belilos & Willem van den Ende

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Learn new retrospective techniques by applying them to a simulated real world situation
  • Experiment with techniques you already know - do something different with them
  • Get some fresh ideas to do group reflection on emergency situations and longer time spans
  • Try out new things in a safe environment – then go back to work and do it there too!
  • Have fun during this session.


Does your team have retrospectives regularly? Are they always effective and do they lead to usable actions? Does your team enjoy attending them and does everyone participate? Keep it that way! You are a Retrospective Hero.

Or are your retrospectives getting dull after a while? Do they have the same format over and over again? Do you use them only at the end of an iteration? Less and less often? Then there is only one solution: become a retrospective hero, so that you can win any retro situation!

In this session you will learn to have effective retrospectives in different situations. You will learn to use old techniques in a new way, and you will get a chance to try out new ones. You will see that retrospectives can be used in many situations!

Become a Retrospective Hero. After our session, you will have reached the next level.

Format and length: 90 min workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Some experience with retrospectives is handy, but if you don’t have that, you can still participate.

Maximum 25 participants