Presenter: Erik Buitenhuis

Objective(s) of the session:

Help participants improve their process by implementing some of the tips that will be presented.


This presentation addresses the specific problems of implementing Scrum in an organisation that does relatively short projects for ever changing external customers that are not familiar with agile. What if your project lasts only a few months and there's no time to teach everyone Scrum? How do you start a project when the client expects a detailed design and estimation? How to deal with bids? What contract to use? What changes to make in your own organisation. Learn what we did to address these problems and tell us what you did.

Most of the presentation will apply not only to Scrum but also to other Agile processes and practices.

We will introduce a number of problems. After each problem description the audience is invited to share their own experiences (problems and solutions or recommendations) after which we will present our solution to the problem.

Format and length: 60 mins interactive presentation.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

The presentation will be interesting for people in similar situations (project organisations). Basic agile knowledge is required.