Presenter: Emmanuel Gaillot

Objective(s) of the session:

  • Learning how to set up and host a Coding Dojo
  • Learning about common anti-patterns, traps and pitfalls in Coding Dojos, and how to avoid them
  • Sharing experiences with others interested in setting up Coding Dojos


A Coding Dojo is a space in which coders have the opportunity to sharpen their technique and learn by example from others. It's a training place, in which participants may learn, session after session, how to master "coding gestures", how to discuss design choices, and how to manage the stress that emerges from the necessity to express swiftly and efficiently a personal response to a given exercise. Emmanuel started the Coding Dojo in Paris with others 5 years ago, and he has attended and shaped it ever since.

This session is an experience report on how he and they have managed to create such a co-learning environment and make it thrive.

Format and length: 60 mins Talk / Experience Report

Intended audience and prerequisites:

This session is meant for anyone curious about Coding Dojos in general, and more especially in setting up and hosting them. Attendees are expected to have some prior understanding that coders need to train themselves and learn their craft not only at school, but also throughout their whole career.