Presenter: Henk Schets & Petra Liesmons


How do you manage over 20 versions of one product with 50 people and agile, fixed priced projects?


How do you manage and develop an application grown for over 15 years driven by projects at 24  European television stations and telco operators expecting a tailor-made, reliable and high-quality product?

How do you support very client specific functionality without breaking the core of your application and still ensuring fast deliveries?

We will show how we use SCRUM, XP and Agile techniques to assist in this process and how we align custom versions and core product releases.

Format and length: 45 minutes presentation

Intended audience :

  • People looking for some real-world (non-academical) practical application of different Agile techniques (Ellen)
  • Product managers interested to see how to match customer requirements with product evolution (Marieke, Joke)
  • Managers who are curious to know how to align analysis, development and QA towards product deliveries (Georges and Vincent)