Presenter: Portia Tung


  • Practice listening without judgment
  • Learn how to gather information more effectively
  • Learn from the experience of others in similar organisations
  • Learn to become a more effective problem solver
  • Gain a fresh insights into a problem you face at work
  • Identify actions to try in your organisation
  • BONUS Gain a peer coach buddy to support you in your endeavours towards Continuous Improvement


The Yellow Brick Road is the difficult path Dorothy takes towards the Emerald City to find the mysterious Wizard of Oz to help her get home. Swap your bit part for a major role in the Agile re-telling of 'The Wizard of Oz' for your organisation. Let your companions and other characters help you tap into the resources you've always had but never realised to complete your quest for a more Agile organisation.

Put into practice 4 key coaching skills to gain fresh insights on your problems through Questioning, Observing, Listening and Feedback. Work with peers in similar organisations and draw on a wealth of experiences to deal with real problems and come up with your own solutions to try back at work.

About The Yellow Brick Road Game: 

The goal of the Yellow Brick Road Game is to gain fresh insights on a problem you face by looking at it from different perspectives. The overall goal of the session is give you the opportunity to put peer coaching into practice.

By alternating between the roles of Dorothy (the person being coached), the Coach and the Observer, you will practice 4 key coaching skills: Questioning, Observing, Listening and Feedback.

As Dorothy, you will re-count the story of your problem.

As Coach, you will practice the skills of Questioning, Listening and Feedback. You can only listen and ask questions. First, understand what the problem is. Second, understand who is affected and how by the problem. Listen without judgment and listen carefully. Test your understanding early and often to ensure you are on the same path Dorothy.

As Observer, you use your eyes and ears to spot what is going on between Dorothy and the Coach. Note down your observations. You will practice the skills of Observing, Listening and Feedback. After each round, you will provide feedback to your triad. Make people aware of what they are doing and the effect it has on other people. Focus on the behaviour you have observed. Begin with: 'I saw...' and 'I heard...'. Focus on the facts.

Format and length: 90 min workshop

Yellow Brick Road

Intended Audience

  • Anyone with a curious mind, no previous experience required

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  • The Yellow Brick Road is an Agile Fairytale. Learn more about Agile Fairytales at - Rediscovering the lessons we learnt as children but have since forgotten