Presenters: Pascal Van Cauwenberghe & Portia Tung


We've introduced and applied Agile methods in several companies. Some of these have endured, others haven't. Why?

In our experience, applying Agile in IT will improve the performance of your delivery teams. However, applying Agile only in IT means the customer will only perceive a small improvement and the change will probably be short-lived.


We present our interpretation of the "Toyota Way" management principles based on Process, People, Problem Solving, and Philosophy, as described by Jeffrey Liker. We illustrate each principle with examples of how we've applied them and their outcomes and side-effects. We argue that managing according to the Toyota Way principles is necessary to sustain and fully leverage the benefits of a Lean or Agile transition.

In one example, a move from Waterfall to Agile in IT coincided with a move to Lean in the production area supported by IT. Although the two changes strengthened each other, the Lean change has endured, because it really changed the culture; the Agile change hasn't endured as it was considered a "temporary anomaly" in the prevailing Waterfall culture.

Format and length: 60 mins presentation

Prerequisite knowledge: Basic knowledge about Agile is useful but not necessary

Background Information