Presenters: Ruud Hochstenbach & Mike Jones

Objective(s) of the session:

Embracing and scaling agile in Enterprise IT shops requires the recognition of and ability to overcome key challenges not faced by product companies. One of these key challenges is getting projects funded without doing a costly, time consuming project requirements gathering exercise. In the workshop we will focus on the concepts and best practices for defining user stories to quickly establish the scope of a project in order to meet project funding requirements. Then we will demonstrate the OutSystems approach of applying patterns to the stories in order to generate a project time line and estimate of effort.


Enterprise Agile faces some challenges not found in product companies.  These challenges must be recognized and overcome to fully embrace and scale an agile approach.  We will explore the key challenges and offer ideas on how to overcome them in your organization.

One of the key challenges in an enterprise is the budgeting cycle.  How do you set a project size and scope without detailed requirements analysis and some idea as to the delivery team’s expected velocity?  In addition, these efforts result in ‘signing up’ to some deliverables which we know will change during the course of the project!

As part of the workshop we will explore techniques to quickly size and scope a project using user stories and a pattern based approach to estimate delivery times.  We will show you how to gain your customer’s trust by:

  • Reaching a common understanding of the business vision;
  • Capturing what really brings business value to the Stakeholders;
  • Reaching a win-win settlement for the Budget and Timebox that will ensure a successful project;

Achieving these goals is fundamental for the customer perception of the proposed solution value and to encourage future deals and projects.  We will emphasize the power of an agile approach over traditional techniques using real world examples and game playing.

To conclude we will offer a demonstrative exercise where we will highlight the process steps and use our sizing tool to show how it works in practice

Format and length: 90 mins workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Everyone who wants to accurately size his project.