Presenter: Xavier Quesada Allue & Laurent Morisseau

Objective(s) of the session:

Come up with creative ideas for visualizing information typical of an Agile project. Learn to apply Visual Management to your team room and improve how you visualize your work. The main goal of the session is for participants to experience how easy it is to come up with innovative approaches for visualizing information relevant to their projects, while at the same time sending a clear message about the value and importance of applying proper Visual Management techniques.

Learning outcomes:

  •   Understand the importance of Visual Management in agile software development
  •   Learn new ideas for visualizing information relevant to your project and team
  •   Exercise your creativity and imagination


Welcome to the world of Visual Management! Task boards, post-its, mind maps, burndown charts, kanban boards, lava lamps… information visualization techniques and the visual workplace play a fundamental role in creating visibility and helping build transparency and trust among Agile teams. Come to this workshop to experience in person the value of Visual Management, and help cooperatively come up with the ultimate task board!

In this exploratory workshop, teams will be challenged to come up with creative ideas for visualizing information typical of an Agile project. The workshop focuses on Task Board design. Participants will play the role of the project team of a fictitious company that has just hired a new CEO. The goal of the workshop is to build an information radiator (a task board) that will keep Management at bay while helping the team organize and visualize their work.

Format and length: 90 minutes Workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Working knowledge of Scrum or other Agile project management framework (CSM level equivalent)