What I learned from burning my parent’s house down!

A sense or urgency: why a good crisis helps people adapting change

Presenter: Yves Hanoulle & Robin Dymond

Objective(s) of the session:

We hope to convince people that a crisis is actually a good thing.


We want to solve the following epic user story:

As a Business Owner I want my organization to fully and completely transition to Lean and Agile work styles so that we will have a continuously improving and customer focused business.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Verify that everyone in the organization understands the concepts
  • Verify that everyone has the environment to allow this work style
  • Verify that the people in the organization know how to add value to the company and find value in their work
  • Verify that the organization has a structure that supports a Lean and Agile work style
  • Verify that customers are aware of the benefits
  • Verify that customers have adapted their contracts and relationships (interfaces) to support agile and lean practices

How do we solve for 2, 3, and 4?
Why do people change?
Do we consider their interests when making a change?

Example 1

Headline in today's new your post:
Big Banks Paid Billions in Bonuses Amid Wall St. Crisis
Why is it that in a time of extreme crisis that paying huge bonuses in bailed out companies has not changed?

Example 2

The Alcoholic or depressed person finally seeking help. As any therapist will tell you, once people take this step, the hardest work is already done. They are convinced they need help.

This talk will be an examination of change motivation, and organizational change motivators.
In this session we will give examples where agile was a good solution to the crisis situation. We will also give examples of situations where the lack of a crisis, could not convince people to make a change. (And does blocked the adoption of agile/change)

Format and length: 90 min presentation

Intended audience and prerequisites:

  • Anyone that is involved in any kind of change project.
  • Coaches that help teams/people to change
  • No prerequisits.
  • It would be nice if people have their own crisis situation they want to share.