Presenter: Olivier Costa

Experience the founding principles and find out how they can be applied

If all is well we've learned the past 2 days what's needed to get a project to succeed. Come to this session and learn how you can (re)program your mind to actually be able to do it too

There usually are different opinions on how to tackle a given problem. Sometimes there's even discussion on what the problem really is.

All decisions that need to be taken, guide a project to success or failure.

How can you (in any role you happen to be in) contribute to help guiding it to success ? That's the foundation upon which aikido was built : how to harmonize all the energy of all the people involved.

It's about how to live and work with other people who also only want the best.

Format: guided physical exercises

Note: unlike the aikido sessions in the dojo on Monday, this session just happens in a normal room, and won't require anything other than willingness to move and be moved a little.