Presenters: Michael Franken & Lars Vonk


How to go from the Traditional Analysis and Design Documents to Executable Documentation using FitNesse.


In most software development projects there is still the traditional Functional Design/Analysis document. This document is then translated into user stories with Acceptance Tests and or Examples. This approach means the information is scattered into several places: The design is in the document, the User Stories on the board and the Acceptance Tests in the TDD framework.

But it does not have to be this way. Why not combine them into one executable document? TDD framework like FitNesse enables to create executable Analysis Documents with your Acceptance Tests / Examples. This way you really test your design and forces you to proof it with code. No Waste, no hand-overs!

In this session we will show how to go from a tradional Analysis document to a executable document using FitNesses new test system SLIM. If you wanna experience real TDD, be there.

Format: 90 mins Live on Beamer Pair Testing/Programming/Writing Session, with a little bit of acting.

Intended audience and participants: All attendees.