Jenni Jepsen has extensive experience in communications—helping clients overcome internal and external barriers to accomplish business objectives. During the past 20 years, she has coached leaders and managers to enhance their communications skills opening the way to create stronger connections within teams and with stakeholders, increasing collaboration, and effectively leading teams to success.

Jenni works with clients to:

• Involve and engage stakeholders and internal teams

• Help leaders stand back and allow their teams to deliver

• Facilitate group decisions and ownership

• Make ideas, strategies and plans visual, visible and meaningful

• Create communications that stick

Jenni is a partner at goAgile, a Danish-based agile consulting firm. She speaks and consults on how organizations can increase their perceived business value enterprise-wide. Her unique skill set aligns perfectly with Agile methodologies—providing ways to improve communication and collaboration with customers and stakeholders. In addition, she has written several articles on communications and working with the media