Marco is Chairman of nlscrum, the Dutch Scrum User Group with approximately 600 members. Marco is a CSP and regularly co-trains CSM and CSPO trainings with Jeff Sutherland and Arlen Bankston.

Marco is passionate about Agile and especially experienced in Scrum. Experience with Agile dates back to the year 2000. Working at OTI, the makers of Eclipse, Marco learned how increments of a large software system can get Done in a regular heartbeat. Since then, Marco combined his software development skills with his passion for Agile. Since 2009, Marco works as a full time agile trainer and coach. Marco teaches Scrum to teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. He helps companies in their adoption of Agile to maximize value for their customers. Marco can kick-start multi disciplinary Scrum teams and Product Owners and helps to set up or improve Agile practices for requirements management, software development and testing.