The conference is organised by a team of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the conference a fun, informative and interesting event.

Let's meet the team:

Vera Peeters Portia Tung Vera Peeters (Tryx) and Portia Tung (emergn) lead the organisation team so that all the work that needs to get done, gets done smoothly.
Nicole Belilos Marc Evers Nicole Belilos (Nspyre) and Marc Evers (Piecemeal Growth) manage the conference program and help presenters so that we can offer high quality, well-prepared sessions that are appealing to a broad range of participants.
Rob Westgeest Philippe De Bruycker Rob Westgeest (Westgeest Consultancy) and Philippe De Bruycker (Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs Belgium) manage communications so that everybody involved knows about the conference and the XP Days community keeps in touch.
Colinda de Beer Vera Peeters Colinda de Beer (Hoogendoorn) and Vera Peeters (Tryx) manage all the practical details of the venue so that the conference takes place in great surroundings with good food and drink.
Rob Westgeest Colinda de Beer Rob Westgeest (Westgeest Consultancy) and Colinda de Beer (Hoogendoorn) ensure that the conference runs smoothly so that participants can concentrate on what they've come for: sharing, learning and meeting people.
Serge Beaumont Serge Beaumont (Xebia) and Tjakko Kleinhuis (Sioux) are in charge of fun so that we have a sociable atmosphere and lots of laughs and wow! moments at the conferences.
Olivier Costa Pascal Van Cauwenberghe Olivier Costa (Aegisoft) and Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (Nayima) ensure that all the infrastructure and resources are available so that everybody involved has what they need to make this a great conference.
With the help of Lars Vonk (Zilverline) and Gino Marckx (Xodiac)