I started using Extreme Programming in 1999 and it immediately made an enormous impact on the quality and satisfaction of everyone involved. Wanting to "spread the word" and find other enthusiasts I was at the first Dutch XP Group meeting in 2000. In 2001 Vera Peeters and I started up the Belgian XP user group.

As we quickly realised that rational arguments didn't convince anyone, we invented the "XP Game" to let people experience XP without risking their whole project. Since then, we've continued to create agile games with Portia Tung.

In 2003 I was one of a bunch of agile enthusiasts from Belgium and The Netherlands who started up the XP Days Benelux.

I work as consultant to make play work. To do this I use Systems Thinking, Extreme Programming, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Business Analysis and games.

See you at the Business Value session!

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