Serge has been in IT since 1995, and working with Agile since Kent Beck’s XP book came out. He wrote one of the oldest unit testing frameworks, DelphiUnit, and was one of the founders of the XP-NL group (together with Vera, Pascal and a bunch of others :-) ). Serge's career was always a mix of agile and software development (JEE/XP/Scrum) until 2007, when he was asked for his first full agile consultancy assignment. He is now a full-time agile coach.

Serge is a CSP and trains CSM courses with Jeff Sutherland and CSPO courses with Arlen Bankston. Through his assignments Serge’s expertise is in large corporate agile adoptions and Product Ownership. He has coached organizations like Albumprinter, Ericsson,, Albert Heijn and Triodos Bank. Serge combines enthusiasm and deep knowledge of software engineering, agile processes and human nature with a pragmatic approach that allows him to tailor agile to a wide array of situations and organizations.


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Twitter: @sbeaumont