I started working in IT in 1994.

I worked as software support, developer, team lead, trainer, agile coach. I believe that IT is mainly about working with people. A skill that can never be learned enough. Iím a Core Coach by McCarthy Technologies. Yearly I spend 10 to 20% of my revenue on training and books.

The last 5 years I have worked as coach or trainer for Atos Wordline, Agfa HealthCare, The Belgium Post, BritishGas, CERN, Orange, Octo, Ultragenda

I invented the term PairCoaching to promote pairwork.

When I donít work as an agile coach helping companies in EMEA, talking at conferences around the world about agile or the core protocols, Iím using agile ideaís to raise my 3 kids. (And I use what I learn from them when I work with teams.)

In 2010 I tweet one Question of the day on http://Twitter.com/Retroflection.

I created the Agile Games Google group.

You can find me on social media as YvesHanoulle

Website: http://www.hanoulle.be