What I like

  • A real life example I recognised and solved in a similar way
  • A real tech session
  • I was interesting to see the different steps that you have taken to improve the DB change maagement
  • Nice presentation and topic about a problem lots of devops are encountering. Will definitely have a look at RoundhousE
  • Clear presentation, heard for the first time about RoundhousE which can be useful for the projects I work on
  • Interaction between presenters
  • Demo
  • Practical examples
  • Good topic
  • Well presented

To improve

  • Shorten the session
  • Have the audience interact more
  • A bit more theory
  • What if the customers decouple the DB version and app version? E.g. user updates DB without updating the app communicating with it?
  • Shorter: 30 mins