What I like

  • Practical approach to gaining the benefits of agile thinking when building an SOA environment
  • Nice to see how SOA and Agile fit together
  • SOA + Agile = LOVE
  • Video about common vocabulary!
  • The handout!
  • Nice drawing of SOA cycle at end of presentation!
  • Interactive, open
  • Presentation style
  • Wonderful insights -> provocative
  • Discussion and reflection

To improve

  • The discussions generated by the presentation require more time
  • Not as technical as I expected
  • More practical case studies (like Facebook, opensocial)
  • Explain what is ment with "Services" as part of SOA
  • What is the difference between Agile and SOA?
  • Stick to your plan to do questions & discussion at the end!
  • More depth in the story
  • Do more presentations. Didn't go smooth, but the content was good. That's what matters in the end.