Presented by Geert Bossuyt


The Agile Manifesto states 4 lines, a foot note and 12 principles. But what does it mean to ‘be’ or ‘act’ Agile. It’s about making choices at the left side of the manifesto. Cool ! But how do you do that? And how can we help others to do that.

Enjoy this exercise to find out these answers.

Format and length:

Workshop, 90 minutes

Intended audience and prerequisites:

People with real interest in Agile and what it means.

Coaches that try to bring Agile to the world and understand why this is not always easy.

Maximum attendends : 24

Objectives of the session:

The objective is to get a deeper understanding of ‘being’ Agile. To see the Manifesto as a tool that helps you to make decisions.

Core idea : With any decision you make, ask yourself the question how can I do this more 'lefty'. (i.e. in the spirit of the left side of the Manifesto

Session is a succes when a number of participant have had at least one eye-opener or AHA-erlebeniss.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

for the participants:

  • Get new insights in how to be more agile.
  • Experience the struggle your customers have when they need to start with Agile.
  • Experience a way in how to guide a customer into more Agile thinking.

for the presenters : Enjoy the eye-openers, learn from feedback. Get eye-openers due to the interaction