Presented by Olaf Lewitz and Yves Hanoulle


Using StrategicPlay (see this Prezi for a good overview), a method for building dynamic, tangible models with LEGO bricks, we will build a shared model of the Agile community Benelux with the participants. Apart from sharing this method, we want to gather ideas and next steps to enlargen the possibilities of the Agile community.

Format and length: 90 mins interactive workshop with Lego

Intended audience and prerequisites:

any active member of the Agile community.

Objective(s) of the session:

The focus is to find strategies to make the Agile community more successful, more visible, to intensify sharing and coaching. The StrategicPlay method we're using ensures that new ideas and views will be shared. The session will be a success if the participants manage to put those ideas into practice after the conference.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

Participants: learn a new method to foster creative thinking and learning for strategic development and gentle, but radical change management. Participants will have fun.

Presenters: share a method we're passionate about. Empower the participants to reclaim unused parts of their creativity. Inspire new ideas and outcomes for the Agile community. We both want to have more experience in StrategicPlay.