Presented by Lars Vonk and RobWestgeest


Software craftsmanship gets more and more attention these days. There is a lot of attention of writing Clean Code. But what about tests? Writing Clean Tests is as important as writing Clean Code. In this session we will shortly introduce the concepts of Clean Tests, after which we will look at some tests and see how we can make them cleaner. The focus of this session is unit tests.

Format and length: 60 mins Paper Unit Tests Comparison Workshop and Coding Dojo

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Developers with some experience (either good or bad) in unit testing / test driven development

Objective(s) of the session:

To think about,  inspire on and gain understanding of what makes a unit test a clean one.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

Participants: See different unit test (good and bad ones), compare them and learn about what makes a unit test clean

Presenters: Although we have some experience, by preparing this session and running it, we hope to learn about clean test through each others views (we don't work together on a daily basis) and those of the participants.