Presented by Nick Oostvogels and Laurens Bonnema


We all make mistakes, learning from them is what makes us stronger. When a company can stimulate a mindset of improvement, small steps can lead to a big wins.
In agile teams, this is done in the form of retrospectives. At the end of every iteration, the entire team uses their differences in knowledge, characters and beliefs to improve the way they work together. 

During this session, you will learn about the similarities with continuous improvement in Lean organizations where on-the-spot kaizen events are the heart of organizational improvement. 

We will talk about retrospectives gone wrong: raw, overcooked, or fatty and bad for your health. You will learn about the structure of a retrospective and the crucial role of the facilitator. 

Then we’ll whip out a cookbook and serve up a recipe for wholesome retrospectives that take up just the right amount of time and allow you to start serving up delicious process improvements in no time! Using the base recipe and seven techniques to create variations on that recipe, you'll be able to fix and/of fire up your retrospectives when you get back to work. 

Finally we will try out various exercises which can help a group to tackle the most challenging issues. 

Format and length:

Interactive tutorial, 60 min

Intended audience and prerequisites:

no agile experience needed, experience in teamwork is a plus.

Objective of the session:

To grasp the power of continuous improvement and start experimenting through group facilitation in the form of fun, fast and effective retrospectives.

Benefits for the participants:

  • Learning how to grow a mindset of never ending continuous improvement in your company.
  • Using the base recipe and seven techniques to create variations on that recipe, the audience will be able to fix and/or fire up their retrospectives.
  • Getting insights and new ideas by participating in retrospective exercises