Presented by Arjen Uittenbogaard and Nicole Belilos


Do you like change? Can you let go of plans and rules? Or do you tend to stick to the beaten path?

Agility is about embracing change. When there is a lot of uncertainty, agility provides tools to deal with it. Yet fear of the unknown may prevent team members from wholeheartedly becoming Agile.

Let’s be honest: it is not only them who fear the change. Each of us at one time or another, to some extent, refuses to let go. Because it may be scary to leave the safe paths. Or because it may be hard to do something when the outcome is not yet clear.

In this session you will experiment with that part in yourself that fears to let go. We will use games from improvisation acting. When you go on stage, the only thing you know is that anything can happen. Do not be afraid to make mistakes: nothing is scripted, so mistakes are impossible! Trust your fellow players. Go where the story leads you.

Prepare for 90 minutes full of spontaneity, playfulness and fun!

Format and length:

The session will be a pure improvisation acting workshop. The session takes 90 minutes.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anyone who dares to go on stage. Anyone who is willing to encounter his/her own fear of the unknown.

Objectives of the session:

The objective of the session is for people to encounter their own limits in a playful way.

We also want people to have a lot of fun participating in acting exercises. The learning will come from self-reflection. We want to offer this session as part of the ‘prepare to be surprised’ track.

The session is successful when people have had fun and have been surprised to learn something new about themselves.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

for the participants

  • will have found new ways to look at themselves.

for the presenters:

  • mostly want to have fun.
  • also want people to know that they are able to run these sorts of workshops at the work place too.