Presented by Linda van der Pal and Willem van den Ende


This presentation was originally made by Linda Rising for her Fearless Change workshop. It's a staged play that uses the audience as actors to illustrate 27 out of the 48 patterns that she describes in her book Fearless Change. (Although due to time limitations we might not get to do the whole play.) The gist of the story is that people who attend conferences or read books and articles discover new ideas they want to bring into their organizations, but they often struggle when trying to implement those changes. The patterns will teach you how to plant effective seeds of change, and what forces in your organization drive or block change.

Format and length:

The format of this presentation is a play, interspersed with short descriptions of the patterns that were shown in the play. Afterwards we can discuss the patterns some more and talk about how you can use them in your own daily activities.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anybody who is interested in changing something in his or her own organization. There are no prerequisites, except the willingness to help out as a potential actor in the play. (For those who already know the book, the presentation might not offer anything new.)

Objective(s) of the session:

The patterns presented here are a useful tool that should be in everybody's toolbox.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

  • For attendees: you will get a glimpse of the useful patterns that are described in further detail in Linda Rising's book.
  • For presenters: it will be some practice in public speaking.