Presented by Stijn Lenaerts and Dirk Neefs


An “XP Days” ago we got inspired by several presentations on FitNesse and BDD. One year later we implemented FitNesse on one of the biggest java projects in the Benelux. Sure we had our difficulties. Sure we did make mistakes. We bundled our experiences in a starterskit and we want to share it with you.

Format and length:

Mix between “experience report” and “interactive tutorial”. 60 min.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Everybody interested in seeing FitNesse in a real project. People preparing themselves to start FitNesse on their own project.

Some knowledge about BDD and FitNesse can be helpful but not mandatory.

Objective(s) of the session:

Convince the audience that it is possible to implement FitNesse on a real project and inspire them to start it on their own projects.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

For the participants:

  • Have FitNesse implemented smoother and faster.
  • Receive the Starterskit.

For the presenters:

  • Get some new ideas and solutions
  • Meet fellow FitNesse users