Presented by Jenni Jepsen


Flirting is about connecting. A German university now requires their IT engineers take a flirting class—not to attract a partner, but to learn how to interact better in the workplace. Discover how flirting techniques translate to use in a business setting—inspiring us to create stronger connections and greater understanding of our stakeholders. Using 8 Steps, you’ll learn how to connect with your stakeholders—to better understand requirements and build business value. “Flirting” With Your Stakeholders creates the connection that can make a significant difference in a project’s success.

Format and length:

90-minute workshop

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Leaders and project team members—anyone needing to communicate with stakeholders

Objectives of the session:

  • Become a better “flirt” in order to build relationships that build business value
  • Learn why these connections matter in your organization and to your own personal development
  • Feel more comfortable and confident creating and building relationships

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

for the participants:

  • After the workshop, participants can immediately apply the learnings to connect better with people important to their organization to increase communications effectiveness and enhance productivity.

for the presenter:

  • to feel really great about sharing what I know about communication effectiveness in what seems to be a light way--of course what participants come away with is real knowledge (gleaned with a bit of a wink).