Presented by Gerrit Koster and Olivier Costa

Title: Mind Mapping, an introduction


You are using only half of your potential. Most people primarily use only the left side of their brain in their jobs. Mind Mapping makes you use your whole brain. Like Tony Buzan says: “ Mapping is the whole brain thinking tool”.

For everybody who wants overview, is fond of structure, makes and takes notes, gives presentations, writes documents, articles and books, likes drawing and loves using colours.

Get an introduction in Mind Mapping, examples, applying Mind Mapping and try it for yourself.


Format and length:

workshop, 60 minutes

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Everyone who is interested in their brain, creating overview, making/taking notes, colours, creativity and more.


Objectives of the session:

Why use the Mind Mapping technique?

The very basics of Mind Mapping and experience making a mind map of an article.

The focus of the session is on where Mind Maps can be used for in general and for Agile in particular.

We all can use our both parts of our brain to fully reach our potential. Mind Mapping is based on the natural way our brain uses colours, organic shapes, words, analyses, rhythm, imagination, lists, logic and dimensions.


Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

Benefits for the participants:

  • An easy, enjoyable and inspiring way to get acquainted with Mind Mapping.

Benefits for the presenter:

  • Mind Mapping is the whole brain-thinking tool. From my own experience I can say now: I whish learned Mind Mapping when I was little. I want to share the Mind Mapping technique with you.

  • Getting experienced with speaking in public.