Presented by Nicole Belilos and Ralph van Roosmalen


Are you working in a distributed team? Are your team buddies over the ocean, far away in the USA or Asia? Or in any other country? Do you find that working together is harder than you had expected? Than this session is for you! Working in a distributed team is not simply about buying a web cam and a Web tool to have an electronic Scrum board. It's all about creating a one-team mindset and knowing that you buddy is a real person (and not just an email address).

In order to create this one-team mindset, there are many difficulties to overcome, such as:

  • Team feeling; how do you build a ‘real’ team when there are oceans, time zones, language problems and cultural differences that separate you?
  • Meetings: how do you have effective Stand-ups, Planning Meetings, Demo’s and Retrospective when people are not in one room? How do you make sure everyone is involved?
  • Infrastructure and Tooling: which tools actually add value?

In this session we want to share our experience with distributed teams, our successes and failures, with you, and we will ask you to share yours too!

Format and length: 60 mins lecture, enlightened by some games and with room for audience participation

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anyone working on a distributed Agile team, or considering to start up such a team.

Objective(s) of the session:

The objective of the session is for people to know that working in distributed teams is not easy. It takes special efforts to make it successful.

The session is successful if people have become more aware of the difficulties encountered, and if they also have gotten some new ideas, techniques and tools  to overcome those difficulties.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

Participants who are considering to start distributed work, can learn about the pitfalls and advantages. Participants who already work on a distributed team can share experiences and learn some new solutions to solve the problems. As presenters we would to learn from the experiences of the audience.