Presented by Chris Duro


As agile is used to deliver larger and more complex systems, the amount of testing- particularly regression testing- is often beyond what the core agile team can cover. The use of offshore testing offers a great deal of promise for helping agile teams achieve their goals for test automation, particularly for regression testing.  In this experience report, we share experiences from one small and one large IT enterprise as each deploys outsourced testing staff to support agile projects, including one particular differentiating factor: how traditional GUI automation is being adapted for agile teams.  Attendees will learn common pitfalls when using offshore testers to develop test automation, how to avoid them, and what criteria to consider when evaluating your project's use of offshore test automation. 

Note: This topic focuses on automation and is distinct from 'My Buddy Lies Over the Ocean', but the success of these automation teams comes in part from the team spirit and communication addressed in that other talk.

Format and length:30 min presentation - experience report

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Agile practitioners or project sponsors, who are (or may later be) using offshore testing. Of special interest (but not limited to) testers.

Objective(s) of the session:

To share the positive and negative experiences of agile teams using offshore testing, and to obtain feedback from the audience on their experiences with agile offshore.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

Hear what's worked (and not worked) for other teams, and share your own experiences.