Presented by Freek Leemhuis and Maarten Metz


For this session we will discuss some of the most poignant findings in the field of psychology, and discuss how they apply to software development. This is meant to be a fun session, but with a solid foundation in scientific research.

Format and length:

We propose an interactive talk where we encourage audience participation through discussion and questions. The presentation will include video and surveys.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Anyone involved with software development should learn something, though we will tailor examples towards developers.

Objectives of the session:

Introduce some well-established findings in Psychology that have a practical application in software development.

Explain the research behind the findings and encourage the audience to think of ways these findings are relevant in their daily work.

Encourage to further explore the field of psychology by citing relevant sources (books, papers).

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

The participants will become aware of scientific knowledge that is outside of the usual domain of software engineering, but that can contribute greatly to the effectiveness with which software can be created.

For the presenters, it is a fun and interesting way of sharing their combined knowledge of both fields.