Presented by Mary Beijleveld


I make this comparison because a lot of people feel that SOA and agile development bite each other; to agile developers architecture represents big upfront design and ‘death by powerpoint’. To architects, agile developers are like pirates, violating rules and regulations. But if you look past the bias, they actually have a lot in common.

Both concepts are applied in one and the same organization nowadays. I get a lot of comments about Agile and Soa being each others opposites. On a concept/mindset level I think they're not. So, there is a gap to bridge.

This session is not to explain what both concepts/ mindsets are. In this presentation you can take notice of where Service oriented architecture & agile development practices keep each other sane.

Format and length: 60 minutes.

Intended audience and prerequisites:

To whom it may concern. The intended audience preferably knows at least a bit about both concepts on another level than just a technical level.

Objective(s) of the session:

Share views, discuss opinions from business architects, analysts, projectmanagers and solutions architects, software engineers etc.

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters:

For the participants:

  • Hear about real life experiences working with both concepts gathered from several workshops / discussions with business people, enterprise architects and software engineers, opportunity to discuss this more highlevel. Anyone who likes this, gets printed copies of our articles (in InfoQ, XR magazine etc.) and sticky note reports on outcome from previous workshops, to take home.
  • Slides will be made available. More content (articles) on the matter at hand can be read online here.

For the organizers:

  • Hear about real life experiences working with both concepts, opportunity to discuss this
  • get more tips to 'bridge the gap'