Presented by Pierluigi Pugliese and Yves Hanoulle


One of the most interesting recent evolutions in the agile world is the Software Craftsmanship movement, where a lot of emphasis is put on the skills of each individual programmer.

This presentation makes a case on why, on the top of the programming skills, a software craftsman should also train his soft skills capabilities in order to excel in communicating with colleagues, managers and customers. Some basic techniques coming from various coaching schools (Solution Focused, Transactional Analysis, Improvisational Theatre) will be presented in a practical and experiential format so they can be applied to the daily life of software projects.

Format and length: 60 mins interactive tutorial

Intended audience and prerequisites:

Developers, managers, coaches, as long as they are aware of the importance of good communication skills. In fact everybody would benefit from this session.

Objective(s) of the session:

  1. Give some basic tools that can be used in everyday’s life
  2. Generate interest on the subject and provoke further growth of the participants in these areas
  3. The participants have fun practicing something new

I ran a preliminary version of this presentation at a local XP group and I got reported that people kept experimenting with these techniques several days afterwards: should this happen also after this session, I would consider it a success!

Benefits, for the participants and the presenters

For the participants:

  1. Practical tools to use
  2. A space to learn them where it is safe to experiment
  3. Learning something that could be a real advantage in their daily life (for example: knowing the concept of Status will allow them to understand some “power games” and allow them to avoid getting entangled in them)

For the presenter:

  1. Learn from the feedback of the participants
  2. Tune the presentation on a very mature and soft skills aware audience